❤ 18-19-20-21 nov 2005 many story to tell ya all ❤

  First of all ,i will tell about story on 18 nov before.
On 18 nov, i had to woke up so early for going to the University to study in Intermediate English Writing With teacher BEnjaMin…honestly, i thought he was cool…
but still i think…this subject is too hard for me….
U know…i ‘ll try my best to get "A" this subject in this semester…LOL if AJ. Benjamin want to give me some "A" as well  LOL…
 Ah ,,, by the way, i opened my shopping website i’m shop owner now LOL
but i still not pay for rent..LOL…i will…but later LOL
 Second, On 19 nov 2005 (Saturday), i woke up so late again ‘coz i slept last last night…about 03.00 i thought so…..anyway, i had an appointment with My University friend,Wee, we had to go to some company to got some job…. Saler MP3 in "Commart Fair" in this25-27 Nov at Queen Sirikit center…or something like that i’m not sure…
i met her so late… about  13.00 but she wanted to meet me about 12.00 OH God…
It’s my fault….i fell asleep in BTS.. That’s why i was so late appointment.
however, we went to that company together…. by the way… i spent lots of money today
14 Bahts of MRT
6 Baths for taking moto to the Mp3 "CUBE" company
50 Baths for some curry Puff at Alliance Francaise etc.
And u know….this job almost made me to study french language at Alliance sooooooLate…
i had to walked many kilos but i could done it about just only 5 mins!! SINCE All season Place till Alliance Francaise
How could i do?
by the way, i was so tired today…. So Advanture

 Third, On 20 nov 2005, Sunday,

this Sunday morning i had japanese class …about 9.30-12.30….

It’s first day of this course that i registed…

I studied with "N’Aui",,, Yah..i had ever met her before in Japanese summer course…^__-

teacher in this course is new teacher that i ever posted her pic in my blog last month

Her name’s "Shinbara Kanako" しんばら かなこ 先生

it was so fun today …

i met some new friends here…

N’aui…N’Ben…N’bell….N’ kik…N’Arm …N’Of….P’Boy…P’Gna…P’duang…Peung…etc

After finish class, N’aui and me …headed to SiamSqure for seeing some Cool Movie
"NANA" ”ナナ” , japanese movie that we wanna saw…for long time…
‘coz my fav singer, Mika Nakashima starring Nana…^__-
i do love OST of this Movie…not only "Glamorous Sky" but also" Endless Story" Yuna Ito starring REIRA…
I always cried…when i saw this movie… it was cool plot and story…i love it!!!
 i spent lots of money again ‘coz i forgot my student BTS ticket T__T…
BTS – 35 bahts-25Bahts -30Baths
Cloths 2 – 200 bahts
Food -33 Bahts
Nana Movie – 100 Bahts
 Today, Monday, 21 nov 2005,
I had French class today at my univ..about 15.00-18.00 …in Introduction to French literrature…..honestly,,,i dont like this subject LOL
lots of assignments ,,,lots of report…and…too study and work hard…BlaBlaBla…
so tired to day….it was…combo study…LOL
P.S. some of my new pic ^___-



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  1. - W a r a -
    Nov 22, 2005 @ 08:44:37

    สู้กะการเรียนต่อไปเน้อ อิๆเอาชาร้อนกะครัวซองมาฝากแหละ หน้าหนาวแล้นนนนะดูแลสุขภาพดีๆเน้อ


    Dec 05, 2005 @ 20:48:44

    น่ารักมากๆเลยอ่า….จาบอกว่าช่วงนี้นู๋อุ๋ยดูน่ารักขึ้นเยอะเลย จิงๆน๊า…เค้าว่ากันว่าคนที่มีฟามรักจะดูดีขึ้น ช่ายป่ะน๊า อิอิ


    Jul 12, 2006 @ 23:20:03

    soy de venezuela mira  tu space me gusto y  eres linda nop se si me entiendas xq eres japonesa erdad  pero si me entiendes me respondes chao mi ms es elmoreno773@hotmail.com


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