❤ Koto class and Paper acting in the last day of summer course ❤






 黑   板


 Koto Class and Paper Acting in japanese language


yeah …since yesterday…3 びきのこぶた or 3 pigs in tales

and i was chosen to being mom’s pigs and also FOG

おかあさんぶた と おおかみ


u know?? there are too many script of mom’s pigs and FOG

LOL…Oh Gosh….i cant remember all of that

What should i do? LOL

anyway,,,, 19-10-2005 is my mom’s birthday ^_____-

Happy Birthday ka




Today (20-10-2005)


i woke up so late again …ARG….

my group have to create Prop….for this acting for acting tomorrow..

every props have to consist of Paper

becoz it’s paper acting


well…i took Fog’s Picture Mask , created by me…

i’m so proud of that….LOL…Why??

Coz…all of my teacher said to me that" Woowwwwすごい"

and "darega shimashitaka?"



after our break….we had KOTO class..^___-

The thing that i dreamt to learn for a long time LOL

For my Koto teacher, Her name is "NOriko Tsuboi"

She started to study Koto when she was only 8 years old WOwww!!


She is so kindness ^____- i love her so much…and hope to

be her Koto student in da FutureLOL


but the price of KOTO is Sooooooooo expensive…

however.,,,,i was so happy today^____-


Tomorrow is the last day for my summer class…

i dont wanna leave from here…

this is my precious time to get more knowledge from here…

i love everyone in this class also the teachers


everyone is so kindness…having sense of humor,,funny,,,cuties LOL


i promise that i’ll nerver forget u all


LOVE  u ALL ka


ヒトエ より

/ / / /     ██


 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  – – – – – – – – – – –

Teacher Tsuboi’s KOTO 

私の おおかみ です

私の おおかみ です

Teacher Tsuboi with her KOTO

It’s me —P’Gift—and Kring


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  1. Santi
    Oct 22, 2005 @ 04:40:23

    KOTO… เล่นอย่างไงอะ….อุ๋ยสอนหน่อยดิ นะ นะฮิๆ แชมป์


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