❤ Wat Phra Kaew ❤




Today.. I went to "watphra Kaew" with my mom and JJ


before i tell the story..i wanna

tell u all about "JJ"

"JJ" is my lovely panda big brot^____-

he came to Thailand for vacation with his friends

He live in NewYork..

and yeah..today..i took him to see sightseeing as

"Grand Palace" and "Wat Phrakaew"

we made an appointment about 11.00 but…u know..

i woke up late LOL…

at last… my mom and me arrived Novotel Siam about 12.00


we plan to have lunch out there

(S & P restaurant Maharaj Pier)


we ordered "PADTHAI"

actually,,i thought,,JJ was

enjoy eating…^___-

i was so happy that he loved Thai Food…

after that we moved to Grand Palace and then…Wat phrakaew


It seem…He dig in thereLOL

we took many many pics (i mean JJ and I)

but Unfortunately,, it was raining… T__T


we were all so WET!!!


honestly,,i wanna say "SORRY" to JJ about this day…

i thought it might not be so fun coz of rain,,

so sorry…if i made u wasnt fun


however, i was so happy to

meet u ^___-

AH….yesterday..my family took JJ to eat Original Thai food around My home

I thought he do love Spicy food LOL

We ordered…"Papaya Salad"


"Larb Pork"

"Krached Faideng"  Etc…



Glad to meet u in person


OK…i took many pics as usual


Let’s see



It’s me and JJ (my big brot panda LOL)

Pagoda in Watphra kaew

It’s me and JJ again

It’s me and JJ again




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Santi
    Oct 17, 2005 @ 02:05:15

    S&P… อยากกิน ข้าวผัดทะเลใต้, ปลาสามรส, ชาเย็นโบราณ… สงสัยต้องจดรายการอาหารไทยไว้ที่ชายเสื้อ….. อยากกินนนนนนนนนน…. แชมป์


  2. Krit
    Oct 18, 2005 @ 21:33:13

    โฮะๆ ไปกะ JJ แต่ไม่ได้ไป JJ 555


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