❤ Easydrums.com First meeting @ Nanglen Ekkamai ❤


Today, i woke up early about 6.30 in da morning

coz i have to go to help P’Kyopi for "Easydrums.com First meeting @ Nanglen Pub& restaurant Ekkamai"


for this meeting,,,i’m staff^___-


anyway,,today i took my younger brother who is guitar player and my friend,Berm, to being staff in this meeting too


(although, i really know that it’s heaven of drummer but It’s hell for guitar player LOL)


today, P’ong (P’Kyopi’s friend) came to pick me ,my younger brot and Berm up at my house,,,’coz P’kyopi had lots of things to do

and especially,,,P’ong’s home is near by my house ^___-


we arrived @ Nanglen around almost 8.00 after we arrived

we tried to help everything we could do all..for preparing the place for this meeting before 10.00


Luckily, Today, i had a good chance to meet P’Lek T-Bone

P’Soo Drumtech, P’hong, P’Lester The Sun etc… Famous drummer in Thailand

Wow…how lucky i am….especially,i had a chance to take

some pics with them and also ,,,got their autograph


i also meet P’Kijjaz (Monotone) and P’Ping ping (drummer of Rythmatique) i got their autograph again and again LOL and yeah,,, P’Kij and P’Ping can remember that they already gave me many autograph LOL) so..they said" AGAIN??"

(actually, i have Monotone autograph more than 10-15 LOL)


well,,luckily again, i had a chance to see P’kyopi ,P’Lek T-Bone ,,P’Tod,, P’ Art (webmaster of Easydrums.com) Played drums solo ^____- and also…P’Kijjaz played some cool improvise of Keyboard!! It’s "the Kijjaz jam session" also,,Persussion of "Surasak Montri School" which they just got da 1st price of the world of persussion and marching….it’s seem "EXOTIC" of Silpakorn University LOL same same….coz they are trained from the same trainer LOL( i knew this information from P’Kyopi)


However, i think…this first meeting is very interesting and everything was going well ^____- CONgratulationnn!!


Hmm,, i took some pic to show u all la Let’s see^____-






eiei It’s me with Cute bracelet from P’Ouging,, is that so cute??? LOL SURE!!


eiei It’s me with Cute bracelet from P’Ouging again,,is that so cute??? LOL SURE!


From Left side,, My younger brot–P’Kijjaz–and Me


From Left side,,It’s me–P’Kijjaz–and My younger brot  in Chill out version


It’s me and P’ping ping (so cute)>__<


In front of "Nanglen"


P’Kyopi was going to set up his Drums set


It’s time to show off of Kyopi Vintage!!

It’s my Staff card holding (face)

It’s my Staff card holding (back) including famous musician autograph


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  1. Krit
    Oct 09, 2005 @ 21:02:55

    น้องแกทำหน้างี้ตลอดเวลาเลยฟ่ะ 55555


  2. ♡.mOok。.♡
    Oct 10, 2005 @ 18:27:41

    :-= :-= :-= :-= :-= :-= :-= :-= :-= :-= :-= :-= :-= :-= :-= (¯`v´¯) `·.¸.·´ ¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨) (¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´¸¸.·´♡Hug & KissMiss & NeedSweet & shareCare & LoveServe & GiveReceive & TakeMake & SmileKing & PlayDay & NightLike & DoYou & me:-= :-= :-= :-= :-= :-= :-= :-= :-= :-= :-= :-= :-= :-= :-=


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