❤ Is this LOVE??? ❤


–Little Bored–

              How do u feel when u fall in love with someone??       


For me, i dont know….but just know one thing that..

When i fall in love with someone… 


i Always miZZ him…

Really Really MIZZ

wanna talk to him all the time..

always care about him…

but….now…i dont have one…

The one whom i can care,can love, can mizz…



..I feel so blue and lonely…


but u know…i ‘m falling in love with someone…LOL

OOpps…just kidding…How can??

the ugly girl like me,,,noone want to love to…LOL


i just wanna be a princess who is waiting for

protecting, caring from the prince….the prince who

wanna care and pretect me…from now on and on..


still, i believe in Love…

i believe in destiny…

but however, u cant touch the love…

noone can touch the"L-O-V-E"

u just can feel it,, by ur heart and Soul..

That’s enough!!



–Hitoe–ヒトエ より





4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kevin
    Oct 03, 2005 @ 19:37:54

    i think waiting is a part of love, and i believe you will get it.


  2. - W a r a -
    Oct 03, 2005 @ 20:16:55

    ดีจ้า ปิดเทอมนี้ไปเที่ยวไหนป่าว..พี่ไปดูเพือ่นสนิทมาแระ แบบว่าชอบอ่ะ แหะๆ


  3. Kevin
    Oct 03, 2005 @ 22:07:14

    Well, I need help to read the ablove line.


  4. Kevin
    Oct 03, 2005 @ 22:08:14

    I mean the following line…


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