❤ the First day of Finals passed❤



Yeah, yeasterday, i did my 1st subject of Finals,,,,It’s "ENGLISH READING AND SUMMARY".

there were 3 parts,,,

….but the parts that was so difficult it’s last part,,,, It’s summary,,,


yeah,,i felt too sleepy to did all exam,,, i was so tired,,, for these days….

absolutely,, i didnt understand anything,,,on the exam,,, i bet,,i must fail…so sureT__T


 OH yeah forget something,,,, on last SAT-SUN,,,17-18….i had french class as usual at ALLiance Francaise,,, and P’kyopi came to pick me up to my home la….OHHHH how nice u ARE!! P’kyopi LOL….


However, that day,,,i went to Jeducation at Liberty building …to met P’Seu,,,^___-

for getting more information about Kyoto University of Art and Design that i ‘m interested in.


 ON SAT18 sep,2005,….P’Kyopi came to my home for giving me T-shirt Staff of drummer meeting of www.easydrums.com on this 9 Oct and yeah,,,i took some pic about this T-shirt .^__-


ANyway,,This Friday, i still have French Exam it’s French listening and Speaking,,,,

around14.15 ^__-

i hope everything is OK…







since 21 sep 2005 15:44pm

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Happy
    Sep 23, 2005 @ 23:01:10

    จีบได้ไหมเนี้ยแม่คนสวยยยย สวยจิงๆอะ


  2. Hitoe
    Sep 24, 2005 @ 00:23:18



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