❤ Work and travel program’s English comprehension test❤

 Yes, the topic for today is "Work and travel program IN US ‘s test of Overseas educational"


 there are 2 parts ,,,First,, English comprehension Listening 75 choices and 2nd,,, comprehension about this program in Thai language around 40 choices…


 It’s truly difficult for me…. ‘coz last night i didnt sleep much and….voice in tape,,, he speak really fast and not clear …DAAAAAMMMMMNNNNN!!


 Anyway, today i get up late LOL…just around 9.30 ‘coz my friend who will pick me up at my home rings me then,,, i head to take a bath as fast as i can ‘coz she’s coming at my home around 10.00 for going to do Workand travel test at SCB Park ,,Rachayotin

we arrive at SCB early,,,around 11.30 (though, we  get lost LOL)….but we have to start  the test around 13.00-16.30 though then we decided to find some food for ur lunch…( indeed, we wanna eat at Fuji restaurant but we couldnt find though LOL…at last we eat at MK restaurant instead)


 However, i dont think i might pass it though LOL…well… by the way,,, after P’champ, my senior, went to study in France,Tours, i feel so lonely… i feel that noone can talk and discuss to me and noone tell me some jokes,,,, That’s quite bad,,, especially, noone stay by my side when i feel so blue…plus…Noone go to sing a song in Karaoke with meLOL and Noone can stand to hear my ugly voice morethan 3 hours like P’champ do !!LOL


 well, i cant post much ‘coz lots of my assignment to do. however, hope i will go to work and travel in US ‘coz i wanna go to Disneyland and touch the bottom of Mickey mouse LOL




P.S. i’ve some new pics of me to show u all,,,^___-


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  1. ali
    Sep 03, 2005 @ 19:45:25

    hi sweetyi just saw your profile & i liked u so much & hope to friend\’sso plez when u see this add meali_Zein_V@hotmail.comok i\’ll be waiting u OHHHHHHHHi for get to tell u i\’m playing violin in opra househope to see u soon


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