❤ just another 2 subjects left then.,, i’ll be Freeeeee!!❤

 yes,,,i wanna die….coz i’m just to know that,,i’ve French midterm exam in same day(Thu11 Aug 2005) in the morning and afternoon ,,,,Both are extremely difficult..(French V and French Linguistics) …i cant do 2 exams in same day… it’s too much!!  tell me WHAt should i do now?
well, just another 2 left…i’ll be free LOL…my freedom is waiting for me LOL… After that exam i ‘ll go to see the movies for relaxing if not i might have really stress.
i got up early today..coz..my Dad have to go to the court for japaneses interpreting 
and Thammasat University have graduation ceremonies today…well,,we think that ,,,it might have traffic jam,,,…Plus.. THAmmasat and Silpakorn University is very near!
anyway, i might arrive university too early ..that’s why ..i’ve many times to take my pics by my self LOL…
Actually,, i took them before i left from my house(in my room)… and i wanna show u all …How much
really fat i am now…LOL…i really know that i cant wear Bikini or swimsuit right now coz i’m too Fat….LOL
i must to lose my weight soon,, if not,,i might look like a pinky Hippo or Pinkyy PiggyLOLOL
Well, it’s time to see my picsLOL,,, letz check it out!! eiei

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  1. John
    Aug 05, 2005 @ 14:23:39

    OMG HITCHAN! YOU LOOK FINE!! You absolutly will never look like a pinky hippo or piggy. You look too adorable. Again best of luck on your midterms and keep up the hard work!! -JJ


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